EASY RECIPE: Moroheiya Bonito Side Dish
We chanced upon Moroheiya on one of our work trips to Japan and were intrigued by the texture -- much like Spinach, but less stringey and has the slimy and sticky consistency of cooked okra! The Ob..
Japanese Simmered Fish Stew 魚の煮付け (Sakana No Nitsuke)
“Nitsuke” is a popular and delicious way to cook fish in Japan where the fish is stewed in soy sauce, mirin and sake. (It is also our favourite way of cooking fish because there isn't much mise en..
Uni, Negitoro, Caviar & Truffle Toast Sandwich
We first came across this super luxe Sando on Instagram and thought to ourselves: that looks easy to make! And true enough, it wasn't just easy - it was DELICIOUS! You can choose to have it as a sa..
Garlic Aioli Shrimp Roll + Chicken Katsu Burger
Our Truffle Lobster Roll recipe was such a hit, we had to come up with another that was more acce$$ible and suitable for every day dining.  The garlic aioli shrimp roll is a wallet-friendly alt..
Easy Truffle Lobster Roll Recipe
We've been supplying lobster meats to restaurants for their lobster rolls for a while now, and we're constantly dreaming up THE Zairyo lobster roll. We've got access to great produce but the only thin..
How To Make Basic Dashi (suitable for toddlers, too!)
We learn a lot from our customers and one great tip we got from our young moms is to use Dashi as a salt replacement! We have been sharing this with our customers ever since.  Dashi is fundamental ..
#DangerouslyAddictive Meal in Under 15 min: Udon & Tempura with Krumbs
The second of the series is Udon & Tempura with Krumbs - a full meal consisting of greens, shrimp & carb in just under 15 minutes! This recipe serves 2, so half it if you're going solo.  These are ..
How-to Basics: Rice & Sushi Rice
One of the most common questions we get is this: how to cook Japanese rice? We'll be featuring different methods for the variety of rice we currently have on our website. We will also be inc..
#DangerouslyAddictive Meal in Under 15 min: Mentaiko Pasta with Krumbs
Solo meals may seem all too tedious to do for one, so we thought to do a series of easy solo meal recipes with our favourite Irvin's #DangerouslyAddictive Krumbs in just under 15 minutes (or less!). ..
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