Truffle & Uni Bibim Somen Recipe August 04 2019

We love a good cold Truffle pasta dish, and ever since our Cold Angel Hair Pasta recipe became a hit, we've been thinking of ways to make it simpler.

The original recipe is already a simple one for dinner parties and romantic dinners, but would we make it on a week day when we're feeling lazy and tired from work? Probably not.

So here's version 2 of that -- a lazier version that's perfect for 1-2 pax, especially on a week day night.

The difference between this and the Angel Hair pasta, other than the choice of noodles, is that you have to mix it like you would with Bibimyeon (Korean mixed noodles) so the flavours are all from the Uni, Ikura and Caviar! There is also no need to chill the noodles. 



1. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add Somen and cook for approx 2~2.5 minutes. (1 serving is about 100G, but it is up to you)

2. Remove pot from heat and strain noodles. Wash noodles under running tap water to stop the cooking.  Optional: You can shock it in cold water. 

3. Move cooled noodles to a mixing bowl. Add truffle oil to it one tablespoon at a time and toss as you go so that every strand is covered with truffle oil. Note: You don't want to add too much truffle oil!

4. Add salt to the noodles to taste. You can add minced shio kombu here and toss. 

5. Serve with Uni, Ikura, Caviar and Hotate.

6. Mix the noodles like you would with Bibimyeon (mixed noodles). 


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