Shimadaya Fresh Frozen Sanuki Udon / 讃岐うどん

  • $1.80
Noodles Option

Sanuki Udon is one of Japan's 3 famous Udons. Along with Gunma's Mizusawa Udon and Akita's Inaniwa Udon, Sanuki Udon is listed as one of Japan's three most famous types of udon noodles. But much better known than Mizusawa and Inaniwa Udon, Sanuki Udon has become popular nationwide.

Sanuki Udon is characterized by its firm, chewy texture, achieved by using a specific type of wheat which was traditionally grown in Kagawa Prefecture.

  • Product of Japan
  • Commercial value pack: 5 pieces per pack, 10 servings. 
  • Also sold in a trial pack of 1 piece (serves 2). 
  • Each piece of Udon can be broken easily into 2. 
  • Frozen for freshness
  • How to cook: add to boiling water for approximately 30~40Secs or until al dente. 
  • You can add this to soups, curry, steamboats or simply stir-fried.