Mizkan Sushi Su / 米酢 / (Sushi Vinegar Seasoning) – Zairyo Singapore

Mizkan Sushi Su / 米酢 / (Sushi Vinegar Seasoning)


  • A must-have if you're making Chirashi bowls or sushi! Otherwise it just won't taste the same.
  • 360ML
  • For sushi rice and chirashi
  • Find out how to cook rice here
  • How to make sushi/chirashi rice: 

Spread cooked rice on to a large flat dish. Sprinkle Sushi Su over the rice while hot.
Coat rice evenly with Sushi Su by using a rice paddle stirring rice from the bottom up (be gentle - you don't want to make rice paste).
Once done, leave it out to cool with a fan. Do not put it in the fridge as it will damage the rice. 

Note: If you add Sushi Su when the rice has cooled, the rice will become very sticky, forming hard-to-separate clumps. The rice will also lose its sheen. 

Tip: If the rice is too sticky to the touch, place a small bowl of water next to you when working with rice. Wet your hands before handling rice (e.g. when making onigiri).

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