Japanese Garlic Chips / ガーリックチップ

  • $16.00
Garlic Chips
  • Comes in 2 options: 150G & 300G per pack
  • Made in Japan
  • Baked and fried to perfection by Japanese standards.
  • 店長さん's Note: We keep a packet of this in our pantry and we top these on everything -- Poke bowls (DA BOMB!), fried rice, korean takeout, shirataki doused with spicy lemongrass sauce, instant ramen. EVERYTHING. 
  • Serving suggestion: pan-fry prawns then top with a mix of mayo and mentaiko sauce (1 part mayo, 1 part mentaiko with a tiny bit of water to make concoction less thick) and garlic chips. You can thank us later.