Negi Leek Oil ネギ油

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Zairyo proudly presents our very own Negi Oil created specially for you to make your own Cold Angel Hair PastaIt's been years since we've shared the recipe, and though everyone loved it, we've constantly thought about how we could make the most tedious step easier. 

This fragrant and Umami Negi Oil is not only useful for the recipe, it can also be used as a finishing oil on salads, soups (we find it to be perfect with this Soup) or tossed with noodles!! 

The Negi Oil is one-of-a-kind and proudly produced in Japan for Zairyo. 

  • 100ML per bottle
  • NOTE: Separation may occur. The leek would obviously sink to the bottom of the can. Please shake well before use, or use a spoon to scoop the leek.
  • Once opened, please keep chilled and use within 30 days as it doesn't contain preservatives. It will solidify when chilled as it is oil. Scoop to use, or let it sit in room temperature for approx. 30 minutes.
  • Please do not reheat oil as it may burn the leek. We do not recommend that as it may change the taste of the oil. 
  • Allergens: Soy, Wheat, Lard