Ebara Yuzu Tsuyu Shabu Steamboat Soup Base (TOP SELLER IN JAPAN)

  • $6.30

Based on the brewed soy sauce and kelp dashi, the refreshing flavors of yuzu and sudachi fruit juice were combined to create a refreshing yet rich flavor with the savory sesame oil flavor.

This bestselling Shabu Shabu hot pot soup base is super tasty and refreshing, no wonder it is a big hit in Japan! The refreshing mild scent of Yuzu balances out any oils and heavy-tasting meats, while the tsuyu-base soup coats meats and vegetables with Umami~

  • 200G (100G x 2 sachets), serves 2 pax
  • Add one sachet to 350ML of water for 1 pax.
  • Ingredient: Ingredient name/ soy sauce (manufactured domestically), soybean oil, fructose-glucose liquid sugar, sugar, amino acid solution, yuzu fruit juice, salt, lemon juice, apple vinegar, sudachi fruit juice, kelp extract, sesame oil, yeast extract, protein hydrolyzate, pepper / Seasonings (amino acids), flavors, caramel pigments, thickeners (xanthan gum), antioxidants (vitamin C)
  • Allergens: wheat, sesame, soybeans, apples