Urbani Porcini Mushrooms

  • $49.50

By the request of some of our regular customers, we've brought in Porcini to complement your gourmet needs! 

These wild mushrooms are most well-known for their distinct umami power, and are commonly used in Italian-Japanese cooking~

By the same company behind our truffle oils, this brand of Porcini mushrooms are catered to some of the best restaurants in Singapore. Using their advanced techniques of flash freezing, these frozen Porcini seal in the fragrance and taste that you will expect to find in that of a freshly picked mushroom!

  • Product of Italy
  • Individually frozen porcini mushrooms
  • Intense aroma of moss and very flavorful. Goes well with risotto and steaks
  • 1KG per packet
  • Do not thaw the mushrooms. They are to be used frozen. 
  • You can slice or dice them after thawing.
  • Cooking suggestion: Do not thaw out the mushrooms. Place in a large pan on high heat with oil and garlic, stir and cook until golden brown; add salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.
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