Uni Paste / うにペースト

  • $28.90
  • Imported from Toyosu Market, Japan
  • 200G per tub
  • Made with more Uni than Neri Uni. We currently only supply this to Japanese-Italian restaurants. 
  • Storage: Delivered frozen. You can keep it chilled for months (date on packet), or finish it within 3 months upon opening. Please keep chilled once thawed. Do not refreeze. 
  • NOTE: The Uni Paste is made up of very tiny particles, so even in -15 degrees, it will still feel soft and will be easy to press/squeeze on. This is the same for Miso and Mentaiko Tube. This does not mean that it is thawed. 
  • Ingredients: Aka Uni, Salt
  • Serving suggestions:
  1. Mix with dashi/stock/roux to make uni sauce
  2. Mix with pasta/noodles/rice
  3. Glaze on tofu/onigiri/vegetables before grilling