Unagi Shirayaki Fillet (No Sauce) /うなぎ白焼き

  • $18.80

Not everybody likes an Unagi that comes with sauce and we hear you - so here you have it! Roasted Unagi with salt, no sauce. 

Check here for Unagi with sauce

  • Frozen par-cooked. Soft with minimal bones!
  • 250G per piece, feeds 2. (It will feed one very hungry person) 
  • Extremely plump and thick! 
  • Sold per piece
  • Frozen for freshness. Keep frozen below -18 deg C.
  • Ingredients: Unagi, Salt. 
  • Grill or toast for approximately 7~9 minutes, or microwave on medium (500~600W) for 1 min 30s to 2min.
  • Top grilled eel on top of hot rice, add more sauce if you wish here.