[RECOMMENDED] Charcoal Grilled Tsukune with Cartilage Bits 10PCS (Japanese Chicken Meat Balls)

  • $9.90

店長さん Store Manager's Note: Please get it. It's one of our top favourites lately - super delicious even on its own without sauce! It's super juicy, tasty and the amount of cartilage is just right (not too much!). We just love how super convenient it is to prepare too. They're good by just microwaving (these are already cooked), but you can definitely air fry, pan sear or steam it. 

  • 10 pieces per pack, 420G
  • Keep frozen. Thawing not necessary. 
  • Heating Instructions:

    Microwave from frozen:
    1 piece, 500W (1min 10s) or 1400W about 30s. 
    2 pieces, 500W (2min 10s) or 1400W about 40s.
    If not warmed, please heat another 10s until to be warmed.

    Oven/Air-fryer: Heat from frozen in heated oven at 200deg for about 7 minutes. Pro tip from a customer: Go for an extra minute if you want it crispier. 

    Steam: Heat from frozen for 7 minutes. 
  • Made in Thailand
  • Allergens: Chicken, Wheat, Soy, Alcohol, Egg White