Toa Foods Aged Somen Noodles 厄上りそうめん

  • $6.50

Aged Somen, also known as Yaku Agari Somen, is carefully aged in a special warehouse after making noodles. It is smooth, chewy and has a unique taste~

These are produced in Hyogo prefecture, in South Central Japan and contain no preservatives.

These are also Halal-certified. 

  • 8 Bundles, 400G per pack, 2 bundles = 1 serving 
  • Product of Hyogo, Japan
  • Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Salt 
  • How to prepare:
    1. Bring water in a pot to boil
    2. Cook noodles for 2 minutes on medium heat. (Or 1 min 45s for a more al dente texture)