Tempura Set / 冷凍天ぷら

  • $13.80
  • Product of Japan
  • Serves 2, 12 pieces + 2 sauce packets 
  • Contains 4 pieces of Ebi (prawn), 2 pieces of Ika (squid), Kabocha (Pumpkin), Satsuma imo (Sweet Potato), Ingen (Long Bean), coating (wheat flour, soy flour and egg white, vegetable oil), salt, cooking oil.
  • Allergens: Wheat, Prawn, Squid, Soy. 
  • Sauce Ingredients: Shoyu, Sugar (sugar, fructose, water), Bonito Extract, Salt, Kombu Extract, Vinegar. Contains wheat and soy. 
  • 260G Tempura, 30G x 2 Sauce packets 
  • Keep frozen. Please heat before consuming.
  • How to heat: 
    Microwave: Remove sauce packet. On 500W~600W (Medium), 1M40S for 1 pax serving, 2M50S for 2 pax serving. Add 10S if heating up in frozen state.
    Toaster Oven/Air Fry: Remove sauce packet. Heat for approx. 6.30 min to 7min. 
  • Serve sauce separately. 
  • Other accompaniments: Cooked Rice (Just heat and serve), Fresh Udon (cooks in 40s!), Fresh Soba (cooks in 30s)
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