Takumi Salad Chicken Breast (Pepper & Garlic) ペッパガーリックサラダチキン CHILLED

  • $3.10

We're in LOVE with combini (Japanese Convenient Shops, like 7-11, Lawson, etc)'s Chicken Breast! They're always super tender and tasty, are we the only ones who think so? We add these to Shirataki, Salads, or just have them on its own when we're on-the-go. These are ready-to-eat so you can enjoy them in room temperature, chilled, or warmed up. Just 95 KCal per piece!

Though imported from their Thailand factories, their products are awarded with the JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) certification to show that they meet the Japanese national standards.

  • 90G per packet
  • Allergens: Soybean, wheat, milk, egg
  • Keep chilled. Good for at least 7 days, unopened, including delivery day.