Taiyozakari Junmai Ginjo

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Admittedly, we're no pros when it comes to Sakes (we're excellent at drinking though, or so we think...) So we got a jet-setter friend, who's also a hard core Sake drinker, to recommend her favourite Sakes.

Not just Sakes that she'd love to drink, but Sakes that she'd be willing to hand carry home for friends and family. 

We were then introduced to Taiyo Sake Brewery, a multiple award-winning Sake brewery based in the prefecture of fine rice -- Niigata. 

The rest is history. (Story ends here because we drank too much. On another note, please drink responsibly!) 

About Taiyo Sake Brewery:

Taiyo Sake Brewery is a ten-time gold medal winner at the largest and most acknowledged sake competition in Japan, the National New Sake Awards. 

Taiyo's average rice polishing ratio is under 60% (meaning 40% of the grain is milled away, leaving a grain 60% of its original size), while the national average is 70%. Taiyo's unusually high polishing ratio means that most of substances which cause unpleasant flavors and aromas are removed. As a result, the remaining high quality starch brings a light and refreshing flavor to our sake.


This Sake is brewed using the rice locally-grown Takanenishiki (including that grown by our Toji, master brewer) and the yeast developed by Niigata especially for Ginjo Sake. The modest and elegant fruity aroma, very mild taste, ‘Umami’ from the rice and smooth aftertaste make an exquisite harmony. This Sake is recommended to be served not only as an aperitif but also with various dishes.

  • Alcohol: 15%
  • Net Wt: 720ML
  • Rice Type: Takanenishiki
  • Seimaibuai: 55%
  • Tasting Notes: Elegant fruity aroma, rice umami, smooth aftertaste.
  • Prefecture: Niigata
  • Classification: Ginjo
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