Kinako Powder (Roasted Soy Bean Powder) / きな粉

  • $2.60
  • Kinako powder (roasted soy bean powder) is commonly used in Japanese and Korean cuisine.
  • 80G per pack
  • It is healthy topping and flavouring which contains B vitamins and protein.
  • More commonly used in desserts (such as warabimochi, a famous kinako-covered sweet, or dango dumplings and Japanese confections wagashi), or combined with milk or soy milk to make a beautiful malt-like drink. 
  • Could be used for baking too, in place of chocolate/vanilla/matcha


Kinako Latte (no coffee/non-caffeinated) recipe:

1 cup of whole cow’s milk
2 tbsp kinako
Sugar (We substituted this with 1 tsp of honey)

Heat milk and kinako powder in a small saucepan over the stove or in a microwave (be careful of hot milk), then mix until blended.

Or if you have a Nespresso Aeroccino, combine milk and kinako powder and froth.

Pour into cup then stir in sugar/honey.