Frozen Hamaguri Clams in Clam Jus / 冷凍蛤貝

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店長さん's note: We love our live Hamaguri Clams and they have never failed any of our customers since we started bringing them in from Toyosu Market. So we were naturally sceptical when our R&D team told us to try this frozen Hamaguri. We emptied the contents (Hamaguri and Jus) into a pot, heated it up and just had it as is. We were a little blown away by the texture of the clams - they were still juicy and not as rubbery as most inferior frozen clams on the market. They obviously cannot be compared to the live ones, but for frozen clams and Hamaguri no less? It's a real treat for what you pay (you save more than 50%!!!

  • Product of Japan
  • 450g per pack, approx 11~14 pieces per pack
  • These are already cleaned and parboiled so there's little to no sand grits in them. All you need to do is heat and serve! Do not overcook as the clams may turn out rubbery. Add the clams in at the last step of your cooking, or once the clams come to a boil, switch off the heat after a minute. 
  • The water that comes frozen in the bag is CLAM JUS (not juice, thx). You can drain it if you want, but if you're making Hamaguri Soup, there is no need to drain it. You can empty the contents of the packet directly into the soup. 
  • Tastes best in Dashi broth, hotpots, or in pastas. 
  • Keep frozen. Once thawed, do not refreeze.
  • Ingredients: Hamaguri Clams, Water 
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