Áo Prawn and Lobster Broth 1L Pouch

  • $24.00

Ao Broth is made slowly in small batches over 8 hours and is free of MSG, Gluten and other Preservatives.

The ultimate time saver, our Prawn and Lobster Broth comes packed with a rich shellfish flavour, perfect for prawn noodles, bisque style dishes and paella!

店長さん's note: We have a lot of different soup bases on our store, but we wanted something that was 'healthier' and made from scratch that we could use not only for steamboats and also a rich collagen stock for everyday cooking. We tried it all and we're in love with Ao Broth. We spoke with the founder to learn more about the processes and what goes behind every packet of broth, and suffice to say -- we. were. sold. Hence it's here for our health-conscious folks -- a comforting broth that could easily pass off as something your mom made for you.

  • Gluten-free, low sodium, dairy-free, MSG-free, preservatives-free. 
  • 1L per packet, comes with a resealable cap.
  • Product comes frozen. Once defrosted in the fridge, please consume within 2 days. Please do not refreeze ÁO Broths once they have been defrosted.
  • NOTE: You may notice that there's some separation in the packet (one side red, the other side dark -- please refer to picture). This is completely normal and natural. The two will combine once it is thawed and boiled. 
  • Delivered at least 2 weeks before expiry (including delivery day). (This is made fresh, without any preservatives or additives!)
  • How can I use the broth? ÁO Broths come ready to be enjoyed after re-heating. We recommend adding water only after you have tried the original, if you prefer a thinner consistency. You can use it for steamboats, or as a soup stock base for soups, or for noodles/risotto! ÁO Broth can be used for steamboats by diluting it with 100ml of water for every 500ml of ÁO Broth.

Fish, Chicken, Pork, Prawn, Lobster, Belachan (Spicy Shrimp Paste), Shallots, Fish Sauce, Salt, Rock Sugar, Pepper