Puchitto Hokkaido Soup Curry (42G x 4)

  • $6.30


The Puchitto series are sauces and soup bases in little tiny tubs that are convenient for solo meals, for managing portions, or for the OCD who need everything measured to a T.

Since we won't be heading to Hokkaido this year too, we brought a little part of Hokkaido to us! WE CAN NOW MAKE SOUP CURRY AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! It's our favourite thing to eat in the winter - for those who have never tried this before, imagine curry but drinkable as a soup. 

Other than using it to make regular Soup Curry, you can also use it for a Curry Nabe (Curry Hotpot!) or as a base for risotto. The possibilites are endless. 

These come in a pack of little 4 tubs, so you don't have to prepare a big batch. One tub serves one pax!

  • 4 mini tubs per packet, 1 mini tub serves 1 pax
  • Recipe suggestions: Add some grilled vegetables and the protein of your choice (recommended: Cabbage, Corn, Potato, Carrot). Eat with hot rice!
  • 168G (42G x 6)
  • How to prepare: for 2 pax, add 2 tubs + 300ML water into a pot. Add ingredients of choice. 
  • Allergens: Wheat, Sesame, Soy, Chicken