Mame Magewappa Bento (Single) / 豆まげわっぱ

  • $22.00

Zairyo Team's Note: This is handy as a bowl too!

  • Magewappa ("Bended-woodware") is a traditional Japanese wood craft technique.
  • As they are made with natural REAL wood, no two boxes will look exactly the same.
  • Light marks or 'cracks' may appear on the boxes due to the natural bending of the bento boxes, they are normal and are not a defect. 
  • These bento boxes are made to last if treated properly (no soaking in water, no microwaving). 
  • Bento Box Set comes with a wooden separator and rubber band. (Note that Colour of band is given out in random)
  •  L: 18.8cm D: 5cm W: 10.5cm
  • Made in China for export to Japan