[RECOMMENDED] Wagyu Gyoza with Truffle Sauce 和牛餃子とトリュフソース

  • $26.00
Gyoza Sauce Or No Sauce

Made with a thin Gyoza skin, the filling is made just with pure Japanese Wagyu, salt, pepper and spices -- no binders and none of the nasties.

These Wagyu Gyozas are great on its own, but our 店長さん (Store Manager) thought it was lacking something so we concocted a Truffle Sauce that goes PERFECTLY with these Wagyu Gyozas. Any leftover sauce is also perfect with any Beef.

We highly recommend that you pair it with the Truffle Sauce! 

  • Made with Hokkaido Wagyu, salt, pepper, spices.
  • Wagyu Gyoza: 12 Pieces, 300G
  • Thawing not necessary. 
  • Heating Instructions: Pan Fry, Steam, or Boil 7~9 minutes. (We recommend pan frying for the crispy bottoms!)
  • Truffle Sauce: 30ML
  • Truffle Sauce allergens: Wheat, Soy, Alcohol, Pork