Life Foods Roasted Beni Haruka Sweet Potatoes

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12 DEC 2022: New Packaging with a new pack size! Was 250G, now 350G~

It uses a moist, creamy mouthfeel and Beni Haruka, which is characterized by its elegant sweetness. Beni Haruka is a type of Japanese sweet potato that has purple skin and golden insides. 

By carefully baking in a special baking pot, the sweet and moist fried potatoes are finished. You can heat it up, eat it at room temperature, or eat it frozen (and it will be like a creamless, dairy-free ice cream!)

  • 350G per packet (Used to be 250G, 100G more!)
  • Sweet potatoes are 100% domestic Japanese produce
  • Please keep frozen. Once opened, please finish as soon as possible. Please do not refreeze once thawed.
  • Ingredients: Beni Haruka Sweet Potatoes (No sugar or chemicals)
    Microwave from frozen, for 1~2PCS: 
    500W: 3~4 MIN
    600W: 2~3 MIN

    Oven Toaster from frozen, for 1~2PCS:
    600W: 20 min
    800W: 20 min

    Natural room temperature thawing, in 20deg room: 15~20 min.
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