Shime Saba (Japanese Marinated Mackerel) / しめ鯖

  • $8.10

One of our 店長 (tenchou, 'storeowner')'s favourite is the Shime Saba, mackerel marinated with sugar, salt and rice vinegar that is very popular in Japan and many Sushi-ya and Izakayas in Singapore.

This is best consumed as Sashimi.

Serving suggestion:

1. Slice Shime Saba into desired sashimi pieces then blow torch the skin of the fish (skin can be consumed as it is very thin), squeeze a bit of lemon over it and serve with shoyu, grated daikon and spring onions.

2. Slice Shime Saba into sashimi pieces, enjoy with chopped spring onions and shoyu.

  • 140G per pack
  • Ready to eat, just remove from pack and slice.
  • Packed and air-flown from Japan