Shark Bay Wild Caught Brown Tiger Prawns / 車海老

  • $34.50

These tiger prawns are wild caught from the pristine clean waters of Shark Bay Western Australia.

Flash frozen at sea once caught, these large tiger prawns are a favourite at various fine restaurants in the region.

These brown prawns bear brown stripes when raw and become orange with deep red stripes when cooked.

  • 500G per pack, approx 6~8 pieces of prawns (1 prawn is as big as 71G!)
  • U10 Size
  • Caught, packed and produced in Australia 
  • Dry-packed and flash frozen once caught from the ocean to preserve freshness.
  • We were told they serve this particular prawns as sashimi in Australia, but we won't recommend it (at least we know they're fresh enough to be eaten raw~). 
  • Ready stock available for delivery within 24 hours
  • Best cooked in boiling water, grilled or fried
  • The most stunning prawns for steamboats and BBQs
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