Salmon Portion Fillet

  • $6.80

  • 2 or more $5.80 each
  • 5 or more $5.50 each

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NOTE: We are aware that some salmon portions are redder and some are paler. We have checked with the farm on this directly and they have explained that this is normal. All our fishes have gone through proper lab tests with proper import documentations from SFA. 


Perfectly portioned salmon fillet great for individual consumption. Every piece comes individually vacuum-packed. Suitable for pan fried, baked or poached.

Salmon are prized for its high (good) fat content and buttery texture and is rich in omega-3s. Also, we sell only SALMON. NOT Trout masquerading as Salmon. 

  • Sold in 1 Piece, approximately 180G~220G per piece. (Market Price: $11.90 Buy more, save more!)
  • Glazing: 10%
  • Skin on and scales off, boneless*.
  • Country of Origin: Chile
  • Please do not consume this as sashimi. For Sashimi-grade salmon, please purchase this.
  • *Note: Even though it is processed to be boneless, we cannot guarantee that it will be 100% bone-free. Please prepare with caution.