Sato Murasaki Narabi Uni / 紫ならびうに

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  • Now In Season!
  • Why are seasonal Uni better?
    Uni that are in season are much sweeter, creamier and just all round better. Uni that isn't in season are spawning (giving birth), which means that they would be passing on all their nutrients to their babies, resulting in a Uni that isn't as sweet as one that is in season.
  • Why is yours better?
    We have been working with the vendors at Tsukiji Market for over 15 years now. Gaining access to the Uni auction just means that we get first dibs on the best quality Uni for the day at the best price range. Everything else then gets passed on to the Uni vendors at the Tsukiji Market and all around the world after the auction.
  • What grade is your Uni?
    Grade A. Not all Uni get to be in the Uni auction, only Uni of Grade A gets into the auction.
  • Air-flown from Japan, directly from Tsukiji Market
  • What is the difference between this and the other Murasaki Uni?
    Narabi = Straight, in a row. Bara = woven, uneven. Bara Uni is simply a box of Uni that are of the same grade but the pieces of Uni are not uniform in size in one box. However sizes of the Uni don't differ all that much (they are grade A, afterall). Narabi Uni contains Uni that are of almost uniform sizes. 
  • Imported upon order only
  • How to store Uni: Keep chilled in the Chiller. NOT Freezer. We do not freeze our Uni. They are delivered fresh chilled.
  • Hokkaido breed
  • The Murasaki Uni is also known as the Shiro Uni (Shiro = White but is a lot more yellow than 'white'. Unlike its cousin (the Bafun Uni), Murasaki Uni looks more yellow/brown while the Bafun is a shade of dark orange. 
  • Note: Image is for illustration purposes only. The size of the lobes are dependent on the catch of the week and cannot be uniform. It varies and may sometimes come bigger (which means lesser pieces in a box), or smaller in size (which means more pieces in a box).
  • 250G per box