Salmon Sashimi Tataki Don (Solo Bowl!) - 2 Portions

  • $8.90

  • 2 or more $7.00 each

We hear our customers who wish for a waaaaay smaller portion that's fit for a single person's consumption -- so here we have a single cut salmon that's handy for a lazy dinner. 

No washing, no slicing required! All you need to do is thaw, pop it on top of sushi rice and you're done! It is also already seasoned with a bit of salt and Shoyu so this is laziest and cleanest Sake don, ever. 

  • A ZAIRYO Exclusive, proudly imported from Japan
  • 40G x 2 PKTS, comes with 2 sauce packs
  • Sashimi grade (which means it is safe to eat raw)
  • Vacuum-sealed for extra freshness and safety
  • Please keep frozen. Do not refreeze. 
  • Zairyo Tip: For a really lazy prep, microwave the ready-to-eat Sushi Rice, mush it into the bowl and top it with this! This is handy if you want to have it in the office, or just really lazy (we don't judge!) Or if you're getting the Cooked Hitomebore Rice, make sure to add some Sushi Su
  • How to thaw:
    1. Thaw slowly in the fridge overnight.
    2. Soak packet in room temperature water without opening. 
  • Ingredients: Raw salmon (Chilean), Salt, Shoyu, Organic vinegar, pH balancer (contains wheat), Shoyu (Domestic), Sugar, Salt, Alcohol, Flavoring (Amino, etc), Xanthan Gum. 
  • Allergens: Wheat, Sake (Alcohol), Soy
  • Current Batch: Best Before 16 Apr 2024
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