Sakura Tea / 桜茶

  • $12.00
  • Real Sakura cherry blossom petals imported from Osaka, Japan
  • 25G per tube, approximately 35-40 cups of tea 
  • Fragrant, refreshing and is known to be good for weight loss (but don't count on it, this is tea)
  • Can be used in cakes, jellies, cocktails or simply as tea. 
  • In Japan, this tea is a popular drink for celebrations such as weddings or other special occasions.
  • Made with sakura cherry blossoms pickled in salt.
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How to drink:

1. Carefully pick a flower bud out and gently dip in tap water to wash the salt away

2. Pick out rinsed flower bud, discard tap water and fill with hot water

3. Have a whiff of the fragrant tea and enjoy!

Or you could make Sakura latte - just add rinsed flower bud to your Aeroccino / hot milk over the stove.