Sakoshi Bay Sashimi-grade Oysters / 坂越生食用牡蠣 - 12 Pieces

  • $59.50

Japanese live oysters have been banned in Singapore for a while, so we were thrilled to try these oysters from Sakoshi Bay, Hyogo, Japan.

These oysters are live frozen, which means that they were flash frozen while still alive to retain the freshness so that they taste as good as when they're live. 

We were skeptical at first, until we tried them (!!!!!!).

They were plump and truly tasted as amazing as live ones. ~technology~ 

We hope you'll try them yourself.

  • For Sashimi-grade Japanese oysters without shell, please check this
  • Sashimi-grade, suitable for raw consumption
  • These Oysters are from Sakoshi Bay, Japan.
  • The oysters go through a series of advanced inspections and tests to ensure optimum safety and freshness.
  • Just thaw and serve. No special knife required to open them.
  • Note: they have to be thawed before prying them open. 
  • Packet comes with thawing instructions and opening instructions. 
  • We serve them simply with Ponzu, or with Caviar/Ikura and Uni
  • Ready stock available for delivery within 24 hours
  • Important Note: As these are live frozen, there may be little crabs or little shrimps in the oysters, which are completely normal. Just remove them and the oyster can be consumed. We don't recommend consuming the little 'free gifts', please discard them. This is completely normal and prevalent even in the live ones sold at restaurants (just that they are removed before serving). There is no processing, or forcing of the oysters open to keep them alive, this is how the oysters can be kept stress-free and fresh just like they are live after it is thawed. THIS IS NOT A DEFECT.
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