Sake (Sashimi Grade Salmon Fillet) / 鮭フィレット

  • $78.00

Upcoming Air Cargo : Wednesday 04 Nov

Next Air Cargo : Thursday 05 Nov
Order within 19:45:20 to be in time for the upcoming air cargo.

  • For a smaller portionskinless and boneless sashimi-grade salmon, check this out instead.  
  • Current Batch of Salmon (After May 2020) is 1.4kg - 1.7kg 
  • Orders are to be made 2 days in advance.
  • Deboned but may come with some bones (it is a fish)
  • Sashimi-grade (please note that this is delivered chilled, not frozen. We do not deliver salmon frozen.)
  • For cooking: portion salmon into your desired sizes then keep them in separate bags in the freezer for fuss-free cooking!
  • Norwegian Salmon filleted and vacuum packed in Japan (Note: the Japanese only take Norwegian Salmon as sashimi as it is safer)
  • As it is sashimi grade, we recommend that you don't leave the slicing to salmon else (sorry, bad pun).
  • Portion salmon and slice the portions you like into sashimi slices (e.g. the belly portion or the leaner portions). The remaining of the salmon can be kept in the freezer and be cooked later. (Tips and recipes on salmon coming soon! Alternatively, check out #ZairyoSG on Instagram for inspirations)
  • Salmon can be kept in the fridge and be enjoyed as sashimi for the next 2 days after slicing. Keep the rest in the freezer for up to 3 weeks (for cooking only, do not consume as sashimi). 
  • May come with bones, depending on the side of the fillet you get
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: As it comes fresh and airflown, the shelf life of it is a max of 2-3 days upon receipt. 

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