Kono 3 Years Aged Premium Red Vinegar Akasu / Sannen Jukusei Akazu

  • $14.50

We've got plenty of requests from the (serious) foodies for this vinegar~

For the uninitiated, you may be familiar with the Sushi Su that we sell. The Sushi Su that we sell is the ones that most Japanese households use.

The "professional" vinegar that Edomae Sushi restaurants use are either a mixture of Akazu (Red Vinegar) and Komezu (rice vinegar) or just Akazu alone.

This Akazu is made with Sake kazu (sake lees) and aged in a barrel for 3~5 years. Akazu (red vinegar) is preferred over rice vinegar as it is rich, flavorful and brings full of flavour to sushi rice. 

We're no health junkies, but we were told by the Japanese that they take a teaspoon of this daily with either water or milk. The amino content in this is 1630MG/ 100G (the amino content in normal black vinegar is 440mg to 1400mg). 

Benefits of amino acid: Improves immunity, improves physical strength/energy, Body Fat combustion (you'll need this after all the feasting), Improves concentration (you'll need this after the food coma), Relaxing Effect, Skin & Hair beautifying effect

  • 275ML per bottle 
  • Proudly produced and bottled in Okayama, Japan
  • Keep away from direct heat and sunlight
  • How to make sushi rice (For one cup of cooked rice): Mix Akazu (60ml), sugar (27g), salt (10g) in a bowl and set aside for 30min to an hour before mixing into rice. *You can adjust taste by adding more/less rice.*