Ready-to-Eat Peeled Lobster Meat

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Love a certain lobster joint in Japan but wonder where they get their lobsters from? We've got them right here - all you need to do is thaw, cook it in hot butter and garlic for 3~5min and stuff them in a bun for a quick lobster roll fix!

  • Peeled Boston lobster claws and knuckles meat is steamed, hand peeled and packed in the USA
  • Flash frozen for freshness
  • Contains no preservatives, additives or flavourings 
  • Extreme value: the value-pack of 900G is approximately 7~8 lobsters, the meat yield of 1 lobster is approximately 120~130G.
  • Comes in a value pack of 200G & 900G
  • Pictured is the 200G & 900G packs


1. To use the lobster meat, thaw them slowly in the fridge overnight

2. You can thaw and consume them in a chirashi bowl as they are already cooked, but it's best that you salt them a little before serving to enhance the taste

3. They are best served in a cooked dish - such as cooked in butter, chawanmushi, pastas, etc. 

4. They're better than the other frozen lobster meats in the market, but please do not compare them to live lobsters. That's like comparing farm picked peaches to canned peaches

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