Top 10 Topping Ideas for Yusheng this CNY!


With Lunar New Year around the corner, we got to speak with a few of our regulars who placed their orders waaaaay in advance (they had placed their order in Dec for CNY - such efficiency, much wow!) about their CNY dinner plans. 

Other than the usual steamboat essentials, some of them have also gotten Yusheng ingredients from us for their DIY Yusheng at home!

This inspired us to do a list of toppings that are great additions, and we're sure this Lohei would be one your relatives would remember~

1. Sliced Aburi Salmon Belly 


A little different from the usual Salmon, this sashimi has a slight char that gives it a deeper flavour. We also think the oilyness of this fish would go perfectly with the plum sauce! 

店長さん's note: It is no secret that this is our favourite, we rave bout this online and offline. We are definitely adding this to our own Yusheng!!!!!

2. Ebiko (Shrimp Roe)


Just a little 50G tub will go a long way. It's not the main star, but we think the little pops will bring added texture and flavour to everything! 

3. Truffle Oil


Got some extra truffle oil left over from Christmas? Don't waste it -- We drizzled some truffle oil, in place of the oil that usually comes with Yusheng, and it was an instant hit with our family. 10/10 would recommend this!

How much to use? The same amount of oil that comes with your Yusheng if you're replacing it. You can use less oil for a healthier option.

店長さん's note: Some folks may not like the smell of truffle, so you may wish to either skip this or use less of the truffle oil. In the latter case, you may wish to add only a drizzle or portion of truffle oil to the existing Yusheng oil. If you have our Truffle Sauce instead, you could also drizzle it over your Yusheng sparingly (not too much as it may make everything too salty) after adding the Yusheng oil (note: if you're using the truffle sauce, don't use it to replace the yusheng oil). 


Most Yushengs are one and the same (salmon, abalone...) So here's some fishes to consider that isn't Salmon.

4. Unagi Slices 


The one's for those who don't like or can't take raw fishes. These Unagi slices are already cooked so all you need to do is thaw and plate them for your Yusheng! 

5. Scallops 

Sliced Hotate (Sashimi-grade Scallop Slices)

Sliced and ready-to-serve! They're not too thinly sliced, so you don't have to worry about them going missing with all that tossing.

6. Hirame 

Sliced Hirame (Sliced Halibut)

Same for the Hirame! This one's for white fish lovers. Sliced and ready-to-serve!

7. Maguro


Or some Maguro for some red to make your Yusheng pop in pictures!

8. Chutoro 


or Chutoro for a super luxe Lohei!

9. Chuka Kurage 

Chuka Kurage, or seasoned jellyfish, is super tasty on its own and is often served alongside Chuka Wakame (seasoned seaweed, which is one of the main components of Yusheng). So we think these two should go together!

10. Garlic Chips


We think the flavour and aroma of these perfectly baked garlic chips would complement Yusheng really well! We added this because of what it symbolizes in Chinese culture~ 大蒜 (garlic, Da Suan), sounds like 'Big Count' (loosely translated) which signifiies the abundance of wealth and blessings to count. Bonus: they look like little golden chips and are terribly addictive even when eaten on its own.


p/s: You must be wondering why there isn't any Uni in this list (since we're known for it) -- this could possibly be the only one we'd tell you to skip the Uni. It won't go well together and nobody's going to get the Uni at the end of the tossing. Please enjoy our Uni as it is or check our recipes on how you can enjoy Uni better.


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