Zairyo x Kameda Farm Pre-Order For CNY 2023





Our very first direct pre-order with a farm and we're honoured to be doing it with the best known farmers in Japan for Mikan!

The Mikan season is typically from Mid November to Mid January, and they get sweeter towards the end of the season

Hence we are only flying it over once, instead of doing it multiple times, because we will be catching the best harvest period. 



There may be many Mikans grown in different prefectures, but we were told that these Mikans stand out the most as they are grown on a standalone island - Osaki Island, Hiroshima prefecture - where they receive the most concentrated sunlight and wind, both of which are essential to produce the sweetest oranges.


Our team has decided to put all our efforts into doing these Mikans justice because of the farm's passion and relentless dedication to grow their Mikans as organically as possible.

Chemicals and preservatives are helpful in reducing damage to the oranges, and waxing keeps the oranges fresher and prettier than normal.

However they have stuck to their vision and mission in producing only food that they would feed their loved ones with.

These seedless Mikans are grown with only Nattokin and fallen leaves as natural fertilizers - this is the only farm that's growing them this way.

All the Mikans come unwaxed, unpolished, as natural as can be. 


The pre-order for these Mikans are currently only available on our mini page and will end on 3 Jan, 11AM (or earlier if slots run out).

Delivery & Pick Up period is only 16 Jan to 20 Jan. We don't have the Mikans before these dates. 

Each box will come with complimentary delivery so you can easily gift your loved ones~

Wish to save more? Pick up from our warehouse! Take $8 off with the code '8OFF'* when you select Pick Up.

Bulk discounts are also available*:

Buy 5+ for 5% off

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Terms & Conditions:

- For the '8OFF' code: This promo code is only for the Mikan pre-order 'Pick Up' option on our mini site and is not applicable to anything on It is $8 off the total order, and not per box. 

- Bulk discounts are only 5/10 units per item, not a mix and match. The bulk discount only includes delivery to ONE location.

- Orders on the mini site don't qualify for Zairyo Insider Points.

- The deadline for any cancellation or changes to the pre-order is 3 Jan 2023, 10AM. We will not entertain any cancellations after the deadline. 

- By proceeding with the order on our mini page, you agree to all terms & conditions by Zairyo Pte Ltd.