HOW TO USE: Kaisendon Sauce (for Chirashi)

 One of the most exciting things that went down at Zairyo is the creation of this Kaisendon Sauce for Chirashi! 

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We've also incorporated the use of our signature Washi (Japanese paper) for the labels! 

There are various recipes for the Kaisendon Sauce and we thought to save you the hassle of buying the ingredients and then making the sauce.

We've tried out a few recipes, but some either toughened the fish meat (vinegar does that), or are too sweet, or too strong for the seafood.

So after working out with our sauce manufacturing partners, we've concocted the perfect sauce that complements the Umami of seafood -- and we dare say all types of seafood!

Most fishes, shellfishes and crustaceans. (Uni doesn't need this!)

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Pictured: Botan Ebi Don with the Kaisendon Sauce 

It is super convenient and also very easy to use. We use it to marinate the seafood before throwing them into Dons, Salads, or Poke Bowls!

We made this very affordable Chirashi Don, you can throw in any ingredient you like and don't have to follow. We hope you like it!​​​​​​​

4 pax, ingredients:

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Maguro, cubed 

Mekajiki, cubed

Hotate 250G, one piece cut into 4

Kaisendon Sauce, 2~3 tbsp (approx 1 tbsp of sauce to 130G of Sashimi)

Roasted Sesame Seeds (Optional)


1. Wash and pat dry Sashimi before slicing. 

2. Move Sashimi to bowl, using a tablespoon, drizzle over seafood and mix well.

3. Once Sashimi is covered in sauce, sprinkle sesame seeds if you like and let the seafood sit for about 5~10 minutes. 

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4. Serve on rice, noodles or salad! You can drizzle more sauce over your Don if you like.

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