魂の材料 / Ingredients for the Soul

It's no secret that the team at Zairyo are Nipponholics, as are some of you reading this (we believe).


Other than food, we consume a lot of Japanese music too -- sometimes to relax, sometimes to reminisce our childhood (hello Music Station, circa 1999) or our trips to the land of the rising Sun. 


It's a difficult time now for all of us, and based on all the food gifts that some of you have been sending to your loved ones, we know you're equally bummed not being able to travel.

So we've put together a playlist of our team's favourite Japanese music on Spotify. 


A combination of different genres -- some of Japan's current hottest bops, some music from the 90s and some that we listen to when working or cooking.

Have a listen and tell us which one's your favourite!


(open your Spotify mobile app, click Search, click on the camera icon on the top right and scan the barcode above!)

And better yet, tell us if there's a song that you think we'd like too and we may add it to our playlist. 

p/s: It's called Tokyo Tower because that's our first favourite monument of Japan.


It's cliche, we know, but it was romanticized in all the dramas we used to watch in the 90s that it stirs certain emotions when we look at it. Do you feel the same?

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