New FAQs (Covid-19 Edition)
To help our friends managing the customer sevice help desk, we'll share the answers to some of your burning questions during this period. We're currently facing a high volume of orders, queries and..
Stay At Home: The Lazy Gourmet Edition
It has been a few weeks since most of us have begun working from home and we’ve exhausted most delivery food app options and recipes that we can follow. There are days we’re inspired to make t..
Top 10 Topping Ideas for Yusheng this CNY!
With Lunar New Year around the corner, we got to speak with a few of our regulars who placed their orders waaaaay in advance (they had placed their order in Dec for CNY - such efficiency, much..
Caviar Colony - Luxury Made Accessible
3 years -- that's how long it took for us to land with a Caviar brand that we enjoy and want on the site.  We went through countless brands from different Caviar houses and finally landed with ..
Highlight: Hamadaya, 200-year old Japanese Shoyu Maker
Soy sauce is essential in every day cooking, especially Japanese cooking. We firmly believe that a good Shoyu can elevate and complement the natural flavours of ingredients. That's why we were thri..
The Difference Between Bafun Uni and Murasaki Uni...and other Uni FAQ
Here's the top burning question that everyone has: What is the difference between the two? 1. Colour This is the obvious. Bafun falls under the Aka Uni umbrella (red Uni) and Murasaki Uni is..
Tsukiji Chronicles Part II 築地物語:  Uni Auction & Top Grade Uni
Following our last post on the Uni Auction, we've got plenty of queries on the Higashizawa Uni and Hadate Uni - why are they so expensive? How are they different from the rest? Are they worth it? W..
Tsukiji Chronicles Part I 築地物語:うに Uni
Relationships take time to build and cultivate, especially at a place like Tsukiji Market where the vendors take utmost pride in their produce. They would prefer to sell to someone they trust wo..
How To Use Neri Uni Paste? (Simple Everyday Uni dishes!)

Simple Luxuries Without Breaking The Bank? 嘘でしょ!?

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