Zairyo 2.0 Goes Live

Thank you SO much for your patience. We know some of you were really alarmed when you couldn't access our page and we're terribly sorry if you were.

Our team burned the entire New Year's Day working on the kinks. The funny thing is, everything was working well BEFORE we decided a time to go live.

Which was why we had confidently put out information that we'd go live at 3PM. Then 8PM. Then... well, yeah here we are 15 hours later and that's most important!!!

Our team IRL when we could finally go live:


We've worked hard on this for a year with continuous tweaks and improvements, thanks to all YOUR feedback and suggestions. We hope you know that YOU had a part in this too! \o/

Here's what you can expect from the new website (that the old website lacked):

1. Auto Air-flown Date Checker

Ever missed a deadline and having to reschedule your delivery? This had been an ongoing problem ever since we started Zairyo and I'm sure it's frustrating for you too. We won't bore you with the tech stuff, but it was just difficult to block out dates based on the items in your cart.

So basically what this means: You don't have to check the air-flown schedule for the next earliest air-flown date anymore. If you've added an air-flown item and item that's available every day? It will show you the earliest date you can receive based on the air-flown item in your cart. 

2. Wish List

Have an item you want to watch when it is back in stock or for when you have craving?

wish list pic

Add it to your Wish List! 

3. Rewards

Rewarding our most loyal regulars has been on the top of our to-do list every year, and we're glad we're finally doing this.

But in order for it to kick off, we'll need to peg your past purchases to your new account here. So please make sure to read this if you've made a purchase on our old website (or before 1 Jan 2020). 

If you're new to us and have never made a purchase with us before, no worries - you can start now.

We will release more information when we officially launch the rewards program. All your purchases made before the launch will still be counted for. 


These are the top 3 main points of the big shift.

Others would include a quicker, cleaner and prettier interface for a better shopping experience! But we'll leave you to be the judge.

Drop us an email if you have any problems with the site / spotted any errors / want to tell the team 'Great Job'!