Zairyo's Wagyu Angbao

We're stoked to present our very own in-house design Angbao in real Wagyu marbling (A4, if you're wondering :p)  to celebrate the year of the Ox.

Zairyo Angbao 03

Wagyu Pic 01

We hadn't expect the response to be overwhelming once we pushed out the teasers, and we're so glad you liked them!

We had created them with the intention of sparking conversation; creating something for the foodies; and more importantly, to create an Angbao that will spark joy (and some giggles too) for the giver and recipient. 

Zairyo Angbao 01

We'll be giving these out for free (a pack of 5) to customers with orders $200 and above for delivery/collection from 1 Feb onwards* (which means that if you've got a delivery on 1 Feb, you'll receive it if your order is $200 and above). T&Cs apply. 

If you wish to purchase the Angbaos alone, you can find them here. We're also really excited to share that 80% of the proceeds from the sale of the Wagyu Angbao will go to a charity of our choice.

Zairyo Angbao 05

Thank you once again for the keen interest. Our team has been really encouraged with the overwhelming response.


Before it gets too busy, we'd like to wish all our customers and followers a blessed and bountiful new year.