The Zairyo Unagi Day Sale
We'd find any excuse to have more Unagi, especially if its our Unagi. Find out why the Japanese have Unagi in Summer, on this special day~ Please make sure to log in to your account to enjo..
Zairyo Goes East: New Collection Point
We’re proud to announce the launch of Zairyo 2.0, our second pick-up location in the East at Katong. Whilst there is no shopping, browsing or entry there, we believe that this collection point woul..
New Launch Promo: Tarami Jellies & Kawabata Marinated Fish
Take 10% off ANY 3 Tarami Jellies from 8 July 8PM to 17 July 11:59PM. While stocks last. No code needed, just add to cart! SHOP ALL NEW Take 10% off ANY 3 Kawabata Marinated Fishes fr..
The Best Anchovy Pasta, Ever (4 Ingredients Only)

Your body is NOT ready for the flavours of this simple pasta.
Less is more for this recipe.
The key point of this is, of course, the Anchovy and the Olive Oil.
All you need is just 4 ingredients. 

Buta Stamina Don (Pork Bowl)
We may be too used to year-long Summers in Singapore, but in Japan, when it gets too hot and humid in the Summer, they have easy-to-eat and prep food that's good for restoring energy. And one such..
Cod Cakes (Baby and Toddler-friendly)
Cod cakes are one of our favourite things to make at home. It's not only delicious, it's also super fuss-free to make and keep!  We'd make a big batch of Cod Cake Mix and stash the rest in the free..
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