EASY RECIPE: Moroheiya Bonito Side Dish
We chanced upon Moroheiya on one of our work trips to Japan and were intrigued by the texture -- much like Spinach, but less stringey and has the slimy and sticky consistency of cooked okra! The Ob..
Self-Collections Guidelines
Upon multiple checks with relevant Government agencies and getting the safe distancing measures in place, we will be resuming Self-Collections effective from 15 May 2020 (we know, it's been a while). ..
Japanese Simmered Fish Stew 魚の煮付け (Sakana No Nitsuke)
“Nitsuke” is a popular and delicious way to cook fish in Japan where the fish is stewed in soy sauce, mirin and sake. (It is also our favourite way of cooking fish because there isn't much mise en..
New FAQs (Covid-19 Edition)
To help our friends managing the customer sevice help desk, we'll share the answers to some of your burning questions during this period. We're currently facing a high volume of orders, queries and..
Please note that Zairyo will be closed for all walk-in purchases with immediate effect, as of 3 April 2020. We will also be closed to public on Sundays with immediate effect, until further notice. ..
Stay At Home: The Lazy Gourmet Edition
It has been a few weeks since most of us have begun working from home and we’ve exhausted most delivery food app options and recipes that we can follow. There are days we’re inspired to make t..
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