Puchitto Sudachi Oroshi Noodles Sauce (TOP SELLER IN JAPAN)

  • $4.80

The Puchitto series are sauces and soup bases in little tiny tubs that are convenient for solo meals, for managing portions, or for the OCD who need everything measured to a T.

These are like handy, delicious little sauce packs out of instant noodles, without the noodles, so you get to pair them with quality noodles of your choice

This sauce was specially created for Maze Udon, a dry saucey type of Udon that can be eaten hot or cold! 

The Sudachi Oroshi sauce is popular in Japan for good reason -- made with Sudachi (domestic produce!), the wonderful and citrus in the sauce will whet your appetite for more noodles~ Other than noodles, this is also perfect as a salad sauce that you can carry in your Bento! 

  • 4 mini tubs per packet, 1 mini tub serves 1 pax
  • How to use: Cook noodles, open mini tub, add to noodles and stir. 
  • 88G, 22G x 4
  • Allergens: Wheat, Soy, Apple 
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