Puchitto Sichuan Mala Noodles Sauce

  • $4.80

The Puchitto series are sauces and soup bases in little tiny tubs that are convenient for solo meals, for managing portions, or for the OCD who need everything measured to a T.

These are like handy, delicious little sauce packs out of instant noodles, without the noodles, so you get to pair them with quality noodles of your choice

It might seem a little weird that we love Chinese-Japanese food like Gyozas, but Japanese-style Mala is always extra fragrant with subtle hints of spice. 

  • 4 mini tubs per packet, 1 mini tub serves 1 pax
  • Recipe suggestions: Mala Udon with grilled beef, Mala Yaki Udon
  • How to use: Cook noodles, open mini tub, add to noodles and stir. 
  • 88G, 22G x 4
  • Allergens: Wheat, Dairy, Sesame, Soy, Chicken. (No alcohol)