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[Ready Meal!] Wild Caught Hamachi Teriyaki Rice - Frozen / Buri Meshi


Fresh wild Hamachi from Nagasaki broiled with rich tasting Teriyaki sauce! A complete meal that's easy and healthy ~ No preservatives, just flash freezing for freshness.

Unlike rice that you freeze at home, this rice is flash frozen with a special technology that keeps rice as good as freshly cooked ones. 

  • Product of Japan, made in Japan
  • Net weight: 125G
  • Storage: Please store this item in the freezer. Good for at least 2 months from delivery.
  • Ingredients: Rice (Saga Prefecture), Buri Teriyaki (Nagasaki Prefecture), Kombu Extract, Pickled Takana (domestic produce), Shoyu, Ginger, Sugar,  flavouring (amino). Contains wheat, soy and sesame).

  • How to prepare:
    Easy Microwave Cooking
    1. Remove the film band and paper box, heat product in the microwave.
    2. The topping items are at the bottom of the container, so flip the container over onto a plate before eating.

    Heating Suggestions
    Heat for 2 min 10s to 2min 30s at 500W (Medium). 
    *The cooking time may vary depending on the microwave model.
    *Please do not overheat and be careful to avoid burns!
    *In order to prevent uneven heating, we recommend heating at the 500W setting.
    *If the product is still cold after heating, try heating again 10 seconds at a time.
    *Overheating may affect the quality of the product. (Which we are not liable for.)

  • Pictured in our Magewappa Bento box, with the Salmon & Shimeji Mushroom RiceHijiki Nimono, Takoyaki and Mayo

  • Nutrition Facts
    Calories: 232KCal
    Protein: 8.4G
    Fat: 3.9G
    Carbohydrate: 38.8G
    Sodium: 639MG

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