The Better Negitoro / ネギトロ / (Minced Tuna) – Zairyo Singapore

The Better Negitoro / ネギトロ / (Minced Tuna)

$6.00 $8.90

Our previous Negitoro was made entirely from Tuna from Indonesia (processed in Japan, then air-flown to Singapore), it was mostly supplied to restaurants and we somehow got it on to the site. We weren't a 100% satisfied with it, to be honest. 
So we've been looking for a Negitoro that was as close to what we had in Japan. And I think we found it.
This is the real deal, and we hope you'll like it.
  • 100G per pack (feeds 2~3 pax) (NOTE: it was previously 200G)
  • Air-flown from Japan, processed in Shizuoka
  • Ready stock available for delivery within 24 hours
  • Flash frozen for freshness
  • Great for sushi and chirashi
  • Tip: chop some spring onions and fold it in! 
  • Once defrosted, do not re-freeze

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