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Calpico (Calpis) Concentrate / カルピス


If there's Vitagen in Singapore, we've got Calpis in Japan. Calpis is a delicious milk-based beverage made by lactic acid fermentation, which makes it a fantastic health drink and great for kids to help build a healthy immune system!

This is a bottle of concentrate, which means that you get to control how thick or sweet you like your drink to be. 

While this may be considered a health drink, in Japan, we use it in smoothies and cocktails! ^o^ See below for serving suggestions.

  • 470ML per bottle, makes approximately 2.4L (81 FL OZ) of Calpis drink
  • Product of Japan


Per 100ml
• Calories: 224kcal
• Protein: 1.7g
• Fat: 0g
• Total Carb: 59.2g

How To Use

With concentrate it’s easy to adjust the flavour to your own personal tastes.
• To enjoy with water or another favourite drink, mix 1 part Calpis with 4 parts water.
• To enjoy with milk, mix 1 part Calpis to 6 parts milk.
• You can also enjoy Calpis warmed with hot water, a nice treat on cold days!

Non-Alcoholic Suggestions:

  1. Calpis Strawberry Smoothie (Serves 2)
    120ml calpis concentrate
    600ml milk
    20 strawberries

    Put all the ingredients together in a blender and mix well before pouring over ice, serve immediately.

  2. Calpis Milkshake (Serves 2)
    180ml calpis concentrate – 180ml
    240ml milk
    250ml vanilla ice cream

    Add all the ingredients together and blend until it becomes smooth. Serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top for extra flavour.

  3. Hot Matcha Calpis Tea (Serves 2)
    100ml calpis concentrate
    10g matcha green tea powder
    400ml milk

    Mix the ingredients in a saucepan on the stove while gently heating it up. Just before it boils, remove it from the heat and serve with a little honey to sweeten it.

Alcoholic Suggestions:

  1. ‘Snow White’ (Serves 1)
    50ml calpis concentrate
    50ml japanese sake

    Mix the two ingredients with a little crushed ice and serve in a short glass with a slice of lemon of lime.

  2. ‘Misty Rose’ (Serves 1)
    50ml calpis concentrate
    50ml red wine
    150ml water

    Mix the Calpis and water together in a glass with ice and then carefully pour the red wine over the top and serve.

  3. ‘Screwball’ (Serves 1)
    50ml vodka
    50ml calpis concentrate
    150ml orange juice

    In a tall glass, add the vodka and orange juice and then afterwards slowly pour in the Calpis. Serve with a fresh slice of orange.


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