Premium Barramundi Portion Fillet (Boneless) 1PC

  • $10.50

  • 3 or more $9.50 each

The producer of this barramundi is recognised as the best quality farmed barramundi by wholesalers, chefs and consumers around the world. Taste the difference yourself!

This ocean-grown barramundi exhibits ocean saltwater flavours similar to wild-caught fish and has a clean, sweet, buttery flavour.

Unlike most fishes, Barramundi is one that's really easy to cook due to its (healthy) fat content that keeps it incredibly moist even when overcooked.

This particular Barramundi sets itself apart from others because it is processed with Ikejime, a Japanese technique to treat fresh fishes to retain the fish's original taste and texture. 

Crispy skin is the ideal way in which to cook this incredible Barramundi which is sometimes referred to as the pork belly of the sea. It lends itself to all forms of cooking, whether it's Western or Asian; pan fried or steamed. 

This particular Barramundi is a solid pick for feeding pregnant women, women in confinement and toddlers. It is tested for low levels of Mercury and high levels of Omega 3 (higher than treadfin and grouper).

Read more about its benefits for pregnant ladies, growing children and more FAQs regarding feeding infants and toddlers here.

  • 店長さん's note: Best barramundi we've ever had. The quality and texture of the fish speaks for itself. Try it with this recipe!
  • Sustainable source, GMO-free 
  • Halal-Certified
  • All natural, proudly produced, processed and packed in Thailand. 
  • 180G~200G per piece, skin on, deboned and descaled.
  • Barramundi has naturally grey flesh, not white.
  • Flash frozen for freshness
  • Shelf life: at least 6 months in frozen state.

  • - CAUTION: Complete bone removal is not guaranteed. Please exercise caution as fish may still contain bone/bone fragments.