Patin Fish Slice (Perfect for Steamboats & Soups!)

  • $4.90

店長さん's note: We know Patin Fish Slices aren't used in Japanese cuisine, but these were so good when we tried them that we had to have it here. Plus the fish was ethically and responsibly raised in a vast environment in Malaysia (we had personally checked out the Kelong before we made the decision to bring them in!) These were great when we stir fried them, added them to porridges, soups, noodles and steamboats. We think they're perfect for all the steamboat sessions that's about to come. ^^ 

They're tender, not stringy/dry and they don't have an overbearing fishy smell. We highly recommend these. 

  • 200G per pack
  • Note 15/2/2019: We are pleased to inform you that we have changed the cut of the Patin fish. They used to be too small and thin, and because of how tender they are, they are hard to pick up with chopsticks during steamboats (it is a legit problem). So we have requested for them to be sliced bigger and thicker. You can cut one big piece into 3~4 pieces! 
  • Not for raw consumption.
  • Keep frozen. Once thawed, do not refreeze.