Pasteurized Fresh Crab Meat - JUMBO

  • $78.00
  • Product of Indonesia, land of some of the best crabs!
  • Versatile for numerous cuisines -- crab cakes, soups, in eggs, salads, pastas, etc.
  • Succulent and sweet with no bad smell that canned crabs are known to have.
  • They are so good, it's perfect even on it's own!
  • Wild caught in the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans
  • Virtually shell-free
  • The live, active crabs are first steamed, cooled, hand picked, graded and pasteurized under the strictest food safety and HACCP controls. This promotes shelf life to 18-24 months under proper refrigeration (0 to 3oC), delivering a fresh crab taste and texture.
  • 454G per tub, 4-8gram per piece, 75-110 pieces 
  • Keep refrigerated

Why our crabmeat?

  1. Better than fresh with 6-9 months Shelf-Life

  2. Halal Certified

  3. Responsible Sourcing for a Sustainable Future.

  4. Our Products exceeds FDA, HACCP and EU food and safety standards

  5. Only Crab Meat product endorsed by the U.S National Fishery Crab Council for Sustainability

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