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いっらしゃいませ〜 Welcome to Zairyo

Welcome To Zairyo

Japanese for “材料” or ingredients, Zairyo is an online grocer and wholesale supplier that offers a selection of freshly-imported food products such as seafood, seasonal vegetables and fruits, premium meats, sauces, condiments and snacks that will equip all foodies with the best material and canvas to create their very own culinary escapades at home.

Best known in Singapore for Uni (sea urchin) and other fresh produce, Zairyo flies in fresh and seasonal produce from Toyosu Market and Kyushu 4 times every weekly, with direct access to the Uni Auction at the markets.  

Aimed to provide aspiring home cooks and foodies with premium Japanese products for those who want to whip up something exotic in their own kitchens, we don't limit ourselves to just selling Japanese produce; we make sure you know how to prepare and treat the produce correctly by providing recipes and serving suggestions online. 

As food creates conversation and bring foodies together, we also hope to grow the online home cooks community through Instagram (#ZairyoSG) where aspiring home cooks can get together to share ideas and suggestions on home dining.

From the people we get to meet on a daily basis – chefs, critiques, connoisseurs – we have come to learn and know about food as much as we love food. With this platform, we would like to share our knowledge with a wider audience.

As suppliers to Japanese restaurants big and small in Singapore for over 14 years, we are equipped with the knowledge to help you grow your business.

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