Oyster Gratin / オイスターグラタン

  • $14.90

We know how terribly crazy meal preps are prior to the festivities, so here's one of our favourites at parties, gatherings and dinners (because it's not only tasty, it impresses our guests too ^_- )!

Created for some Izakayas and buffets -- you'll now have access to these delicious little things ^^

  • Oyster, mashed potatoes, cream, cheddar cheese
  • Product of Japan
  • 5 pieces per pack (Approximately 60-80g per piece)
  • How to prepare:  Do not thaw. Grill/toast in a toaster oven for 7~8 minutes or until the top layer is to a brownness that you prefer. 
    In an oven, bake at 180 deg for approximately 8~9 minutes. 
    You may use an air fryer too for apprx 7~8 min.